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John and Kimberly Borgmeyer and Family

We have been in business for nearly 70 years "Serving, Living, Loving and Laughing" often with our customers. They are a great part of our family and family tradition.

The business was built by the Schaefer brothers and opened in 1950 by Herbert and Annie Schaefer. It started out to be a mechanic's shop on one side and a coffee, soda, drink, and card playing shop on the other to entertain out guests while we were servicing their vehicles.

All the while Herb, Annie, Catherine and Diane lived above the business in an apartment.

We quickly outgrew the space and added on the two-bay garage that is there today. In 1980 Leonard and Diane Borgmeyer took over and kept up the family tradition.

Diane, being the youngest daughter of Herb and Annie, lived with the business all her life.

She saw the need for a grocery store in town, so they added on to the back and offered a Garage, Gas, Groceries, and Convenience Store.

Leonard and Diane had four sons, Alan, Mark, Tom, and John. The three younger sons' all worked the business.

In 2006, John and Kimberly Borgmeyer moved forward with the family business. Once again, they felt the need to change the look of the business to meet the needs of their public family, and they added Annie's Station Restaurant.

So please join our family and Live, Love, and Laugh often.

Over the many years the business has been called many names by the local people. Today it is most commonly called, Loose Creek Oil.


Lenny and Faye Kremer are a few of our loyal customers who come to live, love and laugh at Annie's Station.


When the weather is permitting, come and enjoy the fresh air, beautiful view, and great food on our outdoor deck.


Here are few members of the crew that make Annie's Station go 'round.


Every night before we begin, we all put our hands together and say a prayer, for a successful night that runs smoothly and for everyone to come and leave Annie's Station safely.


Leonard Borgmeyer, also know as "Doc"or "Grandpa", still helps out in the back when the restaurant gets really busy.


So come and join us at Annie's Station some time. As long as you are willing to live, love and laugh often.